Monday, October 25, 2010

Thomas Denmark - Mars Sketches

Check out this great new piece, and more, over at OEF.


  1. I am not in love with this. Don't get me wrong. It's great art. And I love riding lizards. But the eight-legged thing makes it look deformed, not alien.

  2. Dont listen to the detractors, Thomas
    I appreciate your passion for sword & planet

    Congratulations AL, upon finishing your role playing game.

  3. Hi Thomas,

    Your thoat is interesting, but I thought I might mention a couple things regarding the illustration. I'm not sure if You're trying to do a direct representation of the creature described by ERB, but I'll assume that you are.

    Overall, the drawing is good except for two points. ERB states many times that thoats have not claws, hooves or nails. In fact there is only one creature on mars that has nails, and is also it's only mammal. No further description of this mammal is ever mentioned again.

    Secondly, the mouth of the thoat extneds back beyond it's eyes, splitting it's head all the way to the neck. Most of the animals on Mars exhibit this particular anatomy.

    Having said that, I'd still like to add that the work is good, and that I like what you have achieved here.


  4. Love the project. But honestly? These look like the main character of that Dinosaur cgi dvd my kids watch, except with a couple extra legs aside.
    Love the rest of the concept.

  5. ERB was hardly consistent in his details. I think of his accounts more as an eyewitness account, not a scientific account. As any eyewitness - full of contradictions and vagaries. He was trying to write a compelling story not a biological treaties.