Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Two Posts in Two Days? Crazy!

More Warriors of the Red Planet Creatures.

AC: 7[13]
HD: 2
Atk: snout-stab
Dmg: 1d6
Save: F2
Move: 240’(fly) or 60’(crawl)
The Arcris is a flying predator with a single delta-shaped wing and a long, needle-like blade for a snout. They typically hunt in groups of 3-12. While the most common species is ochre, there is black variation that is nearly invisible after dark.

AC: 7[13]
HD: 1d3 hit points
Atk: bite
Dmg: 1d4+poison
Save: F1
Move: 150’
Armae are orange, beetle-like creatures that typically live in the shadows beneath rocks or within ruined buildings or wrecked ships. They are scavengers, but are not above running down live prey when they have the advantage of numbers. Their scything maws are mildly poisonous; victims bitten suffer a -2 penalty to attacks unless a save is made. They typically gather in swarms of 10-40.


  1. Arcris reminds me of old scifi paperback covers with landscapes not of this world with strange creatures flitting in horizon of alien sunset.