Sunday, January 22, 2012

Plant Man

The final text for Warriors of the Red Planet has been delivered and the book is deep in layout. Normally it wouldn't take too long to lay a book out, but I'm also creating art for it. And the writing was so good I wanted to do a "AAA" job on the art. Well, AAA art takes time. If all goes well the book will be done by the time the John Carter movie comes out (wouldn't that be swell?!).

Here is a sneak peek of a page:

This is a typical page. The header pages have a full page illustration with a pull quote.
Layout is far from final. The way I work I set up everything into templates, so if I change the design in one place it can be updated everywhere painlessly. My goal is to have at least 1 illustration per page in the Monsters section, hopefully more time permitting. This will be a fairly heavily illustrated book when it is done.


  1. It looks excellent and an ambitious goal as well.

    good luck with the product!

  2. Oh, that is BRILLIANT! Don't change a thing!

  3. Very cool looking book & very clear, clean, a real pleasure to read.

  4. Wow! That's stunning! Great work guys! :D

  5. I’m sorry if this is unwelcome advice. In that case just ignore me. (My inner typographer really can’t help it.)

    ‘x’ is not a multiplication sign, ‘×’ [alt + 0125] is.

    The apostrophe (’) is not the symbol for feet, the prime (') is.

    And there should really be a space between the two AC numbers ‘2 [18]’.

    Other than these typographic complaints, it looks totally awesome.

    1. we can send you an edit copy if you want to do some pro-bono editing work. ;)

  6. Amazing art and layout! I can't wait for it :-)

  7. Incredible! Always had this on my wish list, now it's jumped to the top ;)

  8. I'm really looking forward to this book. Between Warriors of the Red Planet & the movie, I'm much more anticipating the RPG.

  9. I love the plant men (I'll be sad if they're not in the movie, and I expect they're not) and I'm already looking forward to mashing this up with Carcosa. You have a definite sale here.

  10. What became of this? Has it been published? Did I miss it?

  11. Me three, I have been wondering about this project