Thursday, April 7, 2011

My favorite Mentalist power

I got to use this on the guinea pigs, er, players in a recent playtest:

Level 1
Range 120'
Duration 1d6 rounds
This power allows the Mentalist to cause up to four victims to hallucinate that they are covered in fearsome, biting insects, which will typically cause them to drop whatever they are holding, flail their arms around, and shriek in terror for the duration.

"Ahhh! Get 'em offa me!"


  1. That looks like the same dude who was fighting the killer weasels in a similar mag cover, someone posted, some time or another...

    Anyway, it amuses me to no end that someone made a living, modeling a guy battling small creatures.

  2. This is great! I don't have Mentalists in my game (yet) but it will make a fine spell. Thanks!

  3. I think this is awesome.

    And at the possible expense of sounding like a dick, let me mention that spiders aren't insects.