Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Excerpt: "Sample Character Generation"


Carl rolls the following abilities (rolling 4d6, adding up the best three dice) and records them in order on a piece of paper:

Strength 16

Intelligence 13

Wisdom 8

Dexterity 14

Constitution 10

Charisma 11

With strength as his greatest ability, and inspired by ERB’s martian tales of John Carter, Carl elects to become a Fighting Man, and chooses his race as Human. As a Fighting Man, Carl may select a combat bonus to either melee or ranged attacks, and, with visions of flashing swords running through his imagination, selects melee. He then rolls a d6 for Hit Points, getting a “4”, and as a Fighting Man, gets to add three to that number for a total of 7 hit points!

Carl then rolls 2d6, getting a result of “9”, and multiplies this result by 10, which grants him a total of 90gp to purchase his starting equipment with. Scanning over the lists of basic gear, weapons, and armor, he selects a longsword (15gp), an Irradium pistol (20gp), ten bullets (5gp), a basic weapons harness (5gp), as well as 50’ of rope, a grappling hook, and an Irradium torch for illumination (17 more gp). He then subtracts his expenditures from his money, records his equipment on his paper, and figures out his armor class.

Carl decides on the name Parth Parthus as evocative of the tone of the campaign, and hands his character sheet off to the Referee to review:

Parth Parthus

Fighting Man, 1st Level (Veteran)

Str 16 (+2)

Int 13 (+1)

Wis 8 (-1)

Dex 14 (+1)

Con 10 (0)

Cha 11 (0)

AC 6 (Harness, Dex)

HP 7

+1 to-hit and damage with Melee weapons

Unstoppable (free attack with kill)

Saves: Explosions13, Mentalism15, Energy15, Poison13, Falls12, General14


Longsword (d8 damage, +1 two-handed)

Irradium pistol (d8 damage, 30’ range)

10 bullets

Basic Harness (AC7)

50’ Rope

Grappling hook

Irradium torch

The Referee confirms the math on Carl’s sheet, reviews the other players’ sheets, and the game is ready to begin!


  1. "Unstoppable (free attack with kill)"

    You didn't mention where this stat came from. Can you elaborate?