Thursday, January 3, 2013

WotRP Preview - Egg of Crepsys

So far we've mostly previewed characters and creatures and some ships, I wanted to post something really strange. While it is listed in the creatures section of Warriors of the Red Planet, it is really just a great adventure hook.

Egg of Crepsys

An Egg of Crepsys appears to be a fist-sized iron egg that is warm and faintly pulsing to the touch. While the origins of the Eggs are unclear, it is rumored that within each gestates a member of a race so far above humanity that they may as well be gods. Thus far, none have hatched as far as anyone knows...

You can view the rest of the description and stats on the Warriors of the Red Planet forum.


  1. Yey! You're back! I read on the foruns that the game is probably going to be ready by the end of february, right? How are you guys selling it?

  2. Awesome! Great to hear from you...

    Wait, did you say FORUM?!?!

  3. Activation link failed to reach me. Resent it and still nothing :/

  4. Hi Omlet,

    According to the member list it says you are an active member, so you're good to go. :)